Catering Update

Published Tuesday, March 2, 2021


Mango would like to reconfirm that catering remain suspended on all domestic flights except for JNB/ZNZ/JNB flights. Guests are also not allowed to bringing their own food on-board our flights as well.


Here are some of the ways we remain committed to maintaining/observing safety protocols for JNB/ZNZ/JNB flights:


  • On-board sales will be transacted by cash/voucher and not with bank cards to avoid multiple contacts or handling for now.
  • Latex gloves will be provided for the crew to handle cash and catering products.
  • All catering products will be of a UHT/long life nature, mechanically sealed.
  • Sani wipes (sanitising hand and surface wipes) will be on-board for the sanitising of hands and surfaces.
  • Should wet ice be provided it will be done so in sealed bags for the purpose of chilling sealed beverages.
  • No open food products will be served.
  • Drinks will not be decanted into rummer glasses with ice – Guests to open their own drinks.
  • Empty rummer glasses will be provided to those Guests who purchase beer and wine on board.
  • We will be loading Kiddies Sleeves on board (entertainment activity pack), 8 per aircraft.


Furthermore, the range will be streamlined, and includes:


  • Pringles
  • Peanuts & Raisins
  • Chocolates
  • Water
  • Coke
  • Fruit juice
  • Wine and Sparkling Wine


Thank you for your most valued support and loyalty during this new normal. Take this time to enjoy your festive moments responsibly with your most loved ones and families.


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