SACAA Notification 22 October 2019


SACAA Notification

Mango Airlines can confirm that on the evening of 21 October 2019, the airline was notified by the South African Civil Aviation Authority of the findings of an audit conducted at SAA Technical, which affected some of our aircraft.  

As safety is our primary concern, we immediately began working with SAA Technical throughout the night to rectify these findings. We are confident that we will have aircraft that are safe and ready for service during the course of today. However, as the process is not yet concluded, some of our Guests will experience delays.

Mango Airlines has activated contingency plans in order to minimise disruption during the course of today and ensure our Guests reach their destinations safely. We will continue to update affected Guests via SMS as well as publishing updated schedules on our social media platforms.

If Guests have any queries please contact us on our social channels or at our call centre on 086 100 1234.

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