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The Travel Management System (TMS) is a convenient platform for Travel Management Companies (TMC) to make and manage flight bookings. It allows travel bookers more functionality than is currently available on In addition to our regular features, users of the Travel Management System have the ability to:

  • Access all available fares, this includes normal public fares as well as the MangoFlex and MangoPlus options
  • Create user login codes for a company’s nominated travel booker
  • Load corporate travel cards
  • Load sub accounts for different divisions or departments to better manage their travel information
  • Load customer profiles for regular travellers to save time when booking
  • Pull tax invoices for transactions with Mango
  • Book and hold the reservation for up to 24 hours, if needed.


To log in with your TMS account details, click here.

Flexible Planning with MangoPlus and MangoFlex

Mango has developed MangoFlex and MangoPlus, two unique corporate offerings:

MangoPlus and MangoFlex allow you several competitive and unbeatable benefits. Take a look at the table on the right.

*Remember, when you purchase a MangoPlus flight you have the liberty to change your flight as many times as you need to without any penalty fees.

So, why not set up your Travel Management Account today!

Setting up your Travel Management Account

Do your employees travel regularly for business, and would you like a system that makes arranging travel simple, easy and fast?

If you answered yes, then contact Mango to discuss creating a corporate travel account for you. It takes less than 24 hours for your company’s account to be set up and activated. The added benefit to your Travel Management account is that Mango arranges travel discounts and calculates set fares based on the volume of travel that your company does.

We look forward to welcoming you on board, and with our Travel Management System we hope to aid your company in becoming more profitable. The TMS tab is located on the home page of

Mango, Why not today!

Should you like to enquire regarding setting up an account, or to request more information, please email 

Lodge Card: The Benefits

If you travel for business frequently then Mango’s lodge card is a great way to travel smart. A lodge card is a credit card sponsored by a company which allows Mango to issue a booking to a Guest.

Arranging a corporate deal contract with Mango is the first step to improving business travel. Once completed, your business must be registered on Mango’s Travel Management System to lodge a card.

An added benefit is businesses can lodge as many cards as they like and they don’t need to send copies of the cardholder’s ID when checking in. When you pay with your lodge card the booking is automatically authenticated. And best of all, businesses don’t incur any additional costs when opening a lodge card.

Did we mention that companies receive preferential fares from the Mango Corporate Desk?

Request a corporate deal contract today
Contact the Mango Corporate Help desk on 086 10 10 210 to request a corporate deal. Why not today?

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