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Logging in to the Mango App

Once you get into the Mango App, go onto the home page and enter your log-in details and then you’re good to go. If the log-in options don’t apply to you, no need to fret, dear Guest. You can skip right over the log-in section and go ahead to find yourself a flight or check in.


Log in using your Edgars Card account

You will receive up to an astounding 20% discount on selected flights when you log in with your Edgars or Jet Thank U Account card.

Log in as a Momentum Multiply member

You can log in with your ID number, passport number or client number.

Log in as a TMS member

You can log in using your TMS login details.

Log in as a senior citizen

If you are a senior Mango Guest, log in using your ID number to see if you qualify for a discount.

Log in as a Sanlam Reality member

You can log in using your Sanlam Reality member number and ID or passport number.

What can i do on the Mango App

Well, the question you should be asking is “What can’t I do?” There is so much you can do on the Mango App, all from the comfort of your home or office. Now there is a way for you to travel smart.

You can book a flight and car

You can find a flight and book a rental car using the Mango App. Because we care about your pockets, we find the cheapest flight and car rates.

You can manage your travel details

The Mango App has a manage travel tab that allows you to view your booking, change it or pay for it. You can also change the name on the travel details, add extras and change your car reservation. All you need to do is enter your booking reference number and date of birth, then you’re good to go.

You can check in

Use the Mango App to check in. All you need to do is enter your booking reference number and date of birth, and follow the prompts on the check-in page. Mobile check-in open 24 hours prior to your departure and closes 2 hours prior. It is, unfortunately, unavailable for flights departing to and from Zanzibar.

You can receive your boarding pass

Once you have completed the mobile check-in process, your boarding pass will be downloaded onto your Mango App and will be saved under “MY BOARDING PASS”.

You can check out the latest Mango news

Stay updated with the latest and freshest Mango news using your App. There you will find everything you need to know about our airline.

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