The Mango Menu

When flying Mango you can look forward to a variety of delicious and nutritious on-board refreshments on sale.


Mango has recently updated our food and beverage offering.

If you are a Mango Plus Guest, you receive a R70 voucher to be redeemed for snacks and beverages.

Although we do not cater for special needs meals, Guests requiring Halaal, Kosher, Vegan or medially specified meals such as diabetic meals are most welcome to bring their own snacks for consumption on board.

For more information on what type of beverages and snacks can be bought on board Mango’s aircraft please refer to Mango Juice Magazine.

Alternatively, click to view Mango's Menu.


South Africa

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JNB: +27 11 086 6100
CPT: +27 21 815 4100