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Keep Up with the Juice

At the forefront of Mango’s priorities is ensuring that our Guests get the best out of their flying experience, and to this end, we publish a beautiful magazine with relevant and interesting content to help you relax and be entertained when you fly with us.

Mango Juice showcases everything from road trips to explore, places to stay, things to do, see, and experience - to food, wine and a lifestyle element. You will also get to read about South Africa’s most inspiring personalities – often unsung heroes - in our popular People section. It is in the magazine that you will also find the Mango menu, which contains delicious food and beverages to complete your flying experience.

Once you pick up Mango Juice, you will find it hard to put down. Our content is fun, light, beautifully designed and laid out - and continuously evolving.

Every issue of Mango Juice has different themes throughout the year. The magazine is monthly - and, as a Mango Guest, you are more than welcome to take a copy home with you.

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