Baggage Irregularities

Misloaded Baggage

As per the "Terms and Conditions of Carriage", Mango cannot guarantee that your bag will be on the same flight as you. If you have checked in your baggage after the check-in deadline, which is 40 minutes prior to scheduled departure time, it will be classified as a late check in. In this event such baggage might not arrive on the same flight as you and will not be delivered.

If for operational, security and/or safety reasons your baggage is carried on a subsequent flight, we will deliver it to you.

No compensation will be paid for delayed baggage, including any consequential or indirect losses resulting thereof.

Damaged Baggage

No claims for damage sustained to any protruding items, handles, retractable handles, wheels, zips and locks shall be considered. Damaged bags will be repaired wherever possible. Damaged bags need to be handed in at the respective airport baggage office for repairs. Should the damage to your bag prove to be to such an extent that it is obvious that the bag cannot be repaired, Mango will replace the bag with a similar bag. Please note that the replacement bag may well differ as far as brand name, exact appearance and price is concerned.


As per the "Terms and Conditions of Carriage", Mango will not pay claims for any loss or damages to valuable or fragile articles. These items include, but are not limited to, sporting and recreational equipment, bicycles, valuable, fragile or perishable articles, liquids, toiletries and alcohol, perfumes, paintings, wine, electronics, jewellery and money.

Claims are based on a rate of R140 per kilogram or part thereof to a maximum of R2 500 per claim. In the event that the weight of missing items cannot be confirmed, Mango will make use of the IATA Recommended Practice 1751 Table of Weights to ascertain the estimated weight.

Settlement is not based on the replacement value of any items, including branded items.


Guests are advised that settlement of the claim can only be effected once the necessary documentation is received in full. Mango requires the following documentation:

  • Copy of identity document of Guest submitting the claim
  • Police case number (in the event of loss of items)
  • Proof of banking details in the name of the Guest submitting the claim (banking details provided may be in the form of a cancelled cheque, the relevant part of a banking statement, or a stamped letter from the bank in question)

The claims process will only commence once all documentation is received.

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