Check-in Kiosk at the Airport

Check-in up to 90 minutes before departure by following these simple steps:

Step 1

Choose from the following check-in methods: 

  • Check in by reference number
  • Check in by e-ticket number

Step 2

Identify yourself by entering your:

  • Reservation number (six alpha-numeric digits printed on itinerary receipt. or six alpha-numeric digit vendor registration number if your ticket was issued by a travel agent)
  • e-ticket (13-digit number in the case of Mango tickets, starts with a 472) or SAA Codeshare starts with 083 or if your ticket was issued by a travel agent)

Step 3

If multiple passengers are booked, you have the option to select the passengers you would like to check in. You also have the option to check in passengers from multiple bookings at once (up to 9 passengers).

Step 4

Confirm flight details on screen. If you have a return flight booked for the same day you may also choose to check in for the return flight.

Step 5

You will be assigned a seat automatically if no seat reservation was requested when the booking was made. At this point, you may change your pre-assigned seat to another seat from the selection of seats available.

Step 6

​Your boarding pass will be printed. 


Once a passenger is familiar with the system, the entire self-check-in procedure will take approximately 15-20 seconds.

Although passengers are not required to produce any form of identification during self-check-in, they may be asked to do so at the boarding gates. It is illegal to check in under someone else's name or to allow another person to travel on your booking.

Passengers must ensure their boarding passes have an e-ticket number (e.g. 4721234567891 or 0831232123122) printed on the boarding pass.

If the above rules aren't adhered to, the passenger will be sent back to the check-in counters and not be allowed to board the aircraft.


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