In the cabin

It's hard to leave our pets at home, especially when going on holiday, so where possible, Mango will help to take your pet with you.

For safety reasons, Mango is unable to include pets in the checked baggage allowance of 20 kg per paying Guest. Excess baggage charges will be raised, irrespective of any other baggage that a Guest may have.

Guest are also required to supply valid health and vaccination certificates to ensure that their pet will be accepted for carriage. Flying can be quite stressful for pets so it is advised that you consult your vet before making a booking. If the pet has a tendency towards aggression it is advised that the animal in question be sedated before leaving for the airport.

Mango is unable to accept diseased animals.


Guests are required to pre-book their pets to fly with Mango.

The only animal permitted to travel in the passenger cabin of Mango aircraft are guide dogs, who travel free of charge. These animals need to be secured with a safety harness. A collar and lead are not considered acceptable harnessing.

Mango reserves the right to request proof that the Guest is dependent upon the dog. As our aircraft have limited free space, Mango is unable to permit pet containers in the passenger cabin.




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