Guest Responsibility

Each Guest is required to advise Mango’s Medical Reservations Department of any disability, health problem or special request in order to be cleared for travel. Failure to do so can result in the Guest being inconvenienced or refused carriage. Medical Guests in most cases must supply a medical certificate from the Guest’s doctor before Mango can confirm the Guest’s travel.

Please inform Mango of the following:

• Are you able to walk up/down the stairs without assistance?
• Are you able to walk long distances?
• Are you able to manage in the cabin unaided
• Can you assist yourself in the event of an emergency evacuation?

Defining a special needs Guest

A special needs Guest is any person travelling with Mango who requires specific assistance getting to and from the aircraft, and during the flight. This Guest requires assistance when travelling, and should be accompanied by a person willing to provide comfort during the flight and assistance in any emergency flight procedure.

The following Guests do not require medical care when travelling with Mango:

  • Disabled Guests
  • Pregnant Guests
  • Elderly Guests
  • Larger Guests
  • Young Guests
  • And any other Guest who requires assistance.

Medically-compromised Guest

A medically-compromised Guest is a person travelling with Mango who is physically or mentally compromised due to illness, injury, congenital malfunction, or other temporary or permanent incapacity or disability, and who cannot assist himself/herself. This Guest is not likely to require medical care, but needs to be accompanied by an able-bodied assistant.


Defining a medical needs Guest

A medical needs Guest is any person travelling with Mango who is mentally compromised or whose immune system is medically compromised due to illness.

These Guests are required to submit a medical certificate from their doctor confirming that they are fit to fly. This Guest does not require medical care.

Contacting Mango’s Medical Reservations Department

Special needs Guests and medical Guests must inform Mango’s Medical Reservations Department about any requirements they may have or any illness that they are suffering from.

Special needs Guests need only inform Mango’s Medical Reservations Department of any assistance that they require. In order to arrange a Guest's special service request, this booking must be confirmed by Mango 48 hours prior to departure.

Medical Guests must supply Mango's Medical Reservations Department with a letter from your doctor certifying that you are well enough to fly. A medical Guest's flight booking is only confirmed once the medical department approves their request.

For more information regarding special requests and medical bookings contact Mango on 086 10 10 214, alternatively download the Medical Request Form, complete it and fax it to 086 522 2951.

If you are a regular Mango flyer you can apply for our Frequent Traveller's Medical Card (FREMEC). For more information, please contact our medical team on 086 10 10 214




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