Guest wheelchairs

All Guests who may require a wheelchair must inform Mango prior to the day of departure.


Determining which type of wheelchair classification is applicable to you.

Guests must indicate which wheelchair classification pertains to them when making a flight booking:

Wheelchair across ramp/runway only (WCHR)

The Guest requires a wheelchair to and from the aircraft. The Guest does not require a wheelchair to embark or disembark the aircraft, and can make their own way to and from the cabin seat.

Wheelchair to top of aircraft steps (WCHS)

The Guest requires a wheelchair when embarking or disembarking the aircraft. The Guest does not require a wheelchair on board the aircraft.

Wheelchair to cabin seat (WCHC)

The Guest is immobile and requires a wheelchair on board the aircraft, and to embark and disembark the aircraft. This Guest is to be accompanied by an able-bodied person at all times, who must be seated next to the WCHC Guest.

Neither the WCHC Guest, nor their assistant may be seated at an emergency exit on Mango flights.

Medical clearance is not required for Guests who only need wheelchair assistance within the airport, and when embarking and disembarking the aircraft. Nevertheless, the Guest must indicate their request for a wheelchair on the Medical Request Form when making a booking to travel with Mango.

For safety reasons, Mango has limited the total number of WCHR, WCHS or WCHC or any combination of these on any one flight to a maximum of three. For this reason, Mango reserves the right to refuse wheelchair services if a Guest has not requested assistance during the booking process.

Please report to the check-in counters at least ninety (90) minutes prior to departure as Mango endeavours to board these Guests first.


Wheelchairs or other battery-powered mobility aids with spillable batteries can only be checked in as checked baggage provided that the battery is removed.

Because Mango does not handle dangerous goods, Guests may opt to forward ‘spillable’ batteries with another carrier.

In accordance with IATA regulations, Mango may not convey a powered wheelchair/powered mobility unit weighing more than 32 kg. Guests are required to arrange transportation for their wheelchair/unit through a shipping agent.

Batteries can be considered as non-spillable provided that they do not leak battery fluid and are capable of withstanding the vibration and pressure differential tests as prescribed in the Packing Instruction 872 (Dangerous Goods Manual).


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