Guests requiring oxygen

All Mango aircraft are equipped with emergency oxygen on board. Emergency oxygen serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it provides emergency oxygen to passengers in the unlikely event of a de-compression, and is dispersed by means of oxygen masks which automatically drop from the overhead panels. Secondly, portable oxygen is available should a Guest fall ill and require oxygen to assist with breathing.

Portable oxygen is only for emergencies. It provides 2 litres per minute for a maximum 18 minutes.

IATA regulations classifies oxygen bottles/cylinders and/or diving cylinders as dangerous goods, and therefore may not be carried on board Mango aircraft. These may be transported as cargo only if the regulator is removed from the bottle and transported separate from the bottle.

Normal checked baggage weight restrictions apply.


Several portable oxygen concentrators are certified for use during Mango flights.

The following oxygen concentrators are aviation approved (SFAR 106):

AirSep FreeStyle/LifeStyle
SeQual Eclipse
Respironics EverGo
Inogen One G2
Delphi Medical Systems RS-00400
Invacare XPO2
Invacare XPO100
DeVilbiss Healthcare iGo
International Biophysics LifeChoice
Oxlife Independence  

Mango allows portable units to be carried as hand baggage over and above the standard 7 kg allowance. External power may not be used during flight. No permission or authorisation is required to use any of the above-mentioned devices.

Oxygen on board MANGO is available for emergency use only. Guests may use their own FAA-approved oxygen generators with prior written approval from MANGO Medical Department at Under no circumstances are Guests allowed to use their own oxygen bottles on board!


Checked baggage is baggage that is allowed to be transported in the cargo hold but not in the cabin of the aircraft.

We don’t allow non-portable oxygen units, dialysis machines, ventilators, or any other medical equipment not specifically required for flight, to be carried in the cabin. These units are usually 220V powered and may be conveyed as normal checked baggage. To ensure safe carriage of the above items, Guests are responsible for ensuring that they are adequately packaged.

Normal checked baggage weight restrictions apply.


Mango will make arrangements on behalf of the Guest.

Should you need Mango to arrange to rent, at the Guest’s own cost, a certified oxygen (4 litres per minute for up to 3 hours) from a third party supplier, please contact our medical department to enquire what the cost would be. These units are pre-installed on the aircraft and are not moveable.

This must be pre-arranged at least 48 hours prior to departure through Mango’s medical department.

Please note: Under no circumstances are Guests allowed to use their own or any other oxygen cylinders on board Mango’s aircraft!


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