Change my name

There are times when ‘life happens’ and Guests have to change their flight bookings. To make this process as simple as possible please follow the below instructions.


It is possible for Mango Guests to use the Mango website or Mango's mobi-app to amend their flight details.

Please be aware that each booking amendment will incur an administration fee. This fee is in addition to applicable fare changes and takes effect upon clicking the ’Update Now’ button.

Guests might find a cheaper fare than the original purchase, but Mango Airlines is unable to refund a Guest for the difference. Should the original fare be sold out the next highest fare will be charged, and the difference in fare will be added to the total cost.

If changes are made via the Mango website or the mobi-app the Guest will incur the following administration fees:

  • R270 per name change.

If you would like to make changes via the call centre or the Guest Service counter at the airport, Mango charges the following administration fees:

  • R350 per name change.

Mango Plus and Mango Flex members will not incur any administration fees for changes to their name.


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